Iniciativa Sexual Femenina was born in 2017 in the self-managed social center Can Vies, in Barcelona, with the desire to approach contemporary dance from a feminist, libertarian and anti-academic perspective. Elise Moreau (France, 1992), Elisa Keisanen (Finland, 1988) and Cristina Morales (Spain, 1985).


Catalina doesn’t go to party: she is a party herself. Before going out, she tries on her four pairs of ripped tights to see which looks best and in the morning she discovers her bruised cheekbone, stitched-up bite marks, sore calf muscles and that she’s lost her voice...

jAula Libre

jAula Libre workshop

Pedagogy and corporal practices - laboratory from an educational perspective called the pedagogy of chaos, whose theory we find thanks to our jAula Libre classes, libertarian artistic expression workshops in primary schools...



A workshop or rather a laboratory with two central elements in our previous and current works: the pogo and the violent/affectionate body. Opportunity to investigate the violent actions of the group and as a individual, both in active and passive role...